Services I Provide

 I have an eclectic style of providing therapy and coaching.  Each individual, each couple, and each family are unique.  I enjoy pointing out the uniqueness within my clients, and I will do my best to help you to tap into your underutilized or undiscovered strengths.  

Individual Counseling For Adults

Whatever brought you in for therapy can be addressed within our sessions. I do not prolong treatment.  Very often, I have clients who immediately want to talk about deep-rooted issues they have been suffering with.  I provide that safe space for you because you deserve to feel comfortable talking about your story. I enjoy providing a mix of CBT, Psychoanalysis, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.  We will devise a weekly treatment plan, and I will hold you accountable, but more importantly, our sessions will leave you holding yourself accountable.   Due to the ongoing COVID crisis, I am offering individual counseling and coaching sessions at my office, through video conferencing, and over the phone.  We can discuss these options when you reaching to book with me.

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Couples Therapy

It is always a good sign that a couple is seeking therapy because this means the two of you are wanting to make positive changes, improve your communication, and improve your relationship.  For some reason, the communication has broken down between you two, and I will be that necessary translater.  So often, arguments happen based on false assumptions and misunderstandings. Also, it is common you both want the same things, but you struggle with asking for it.  Let me help you two.  I am happy to.  Due to the ongoing COVID crisis, I am offering both in-office and video conferencing sessions.

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Individual and Family Therapy for Children

My aim is to help you to have the tools you need to help your child.  He or she will feel comfortable working with me will look forward to attending our therapy sessions. I will help facilitate healthy communication between you, your child, and the rest of the family.  You have taken a big step towards changing the course of your child's life, and the relationship between you and your child, and I will do my best to help.


Counseling and Parenting For Teens

Your innocent child is now a teenager. Whether is your teen's new friends, peer pressure, bullying, or school anxiety, I can help.  Is he or she closed off to you?  I can absolutely help.  Within these sessions, there will be a mix of time spent with your teen and I, you along with your baby, and with you and I, as we discuss strategies that can help you to help your growing human who may think he or she knows everything.  I am here to help.  Due to the ongoing COVID crisis, these services can be provided face to face, at my office in Winter Park, Fl, or we can schedule video sessions.  For the parenting sessions, these can take place face to face, through video, or over the phone.  Do you feel your son or daughter is on the edge of something great or awful, and you just do not know what to do?  Let me help you.

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