You made it through the maze. Embrace Your Amazing. It belongs to you.

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

You found yourself in a maze.

Such a craze, it seems.

You are not sure how to make it through

I understand. I do.

But maybe it is you who needs to understand too.

Maybe it is you who must understand you.

It is you who must embrace you and what you can do.


Your confusion within the maze right now

May stem from a time when you weren't sure how

You could ever make it through

The maze laid out for you

Back then

There was a maze for you

You had to fight through

You learned to see in the dark

Found a way to build warmth

Bring fire with a spark

The questions you asked

were never heard

Your senses evolved

Your brain problem solved

Your favorite answers

Came from your word

You were taught to hate

by the ones who brought pain

So love became your answer for you

You had to adapt to the pain

Calculating in your brain

Because your plan was to

make it through

You were not given instructions

how to make it through

The instructions had to come from you

The best questions always came from you

Answers always rest within you

You could not be taught

By those who carried the curse

Who gave up their right

and accepted their worst

They chose to succumb

to the worst of the worst

With the light

You are one who

has broken the curse


Time to embrace YOUR AMAZING

Your amazing is within

as it began back then

When you refused to succumb

To the minds of the numb

You were way to0 smart

With investment in the heart

You walked right on through

You were told you were crazy

Insane to face that maze

Told you would not be able

You had learned on your own

Far away from your home

Only the weak minds

Believed this fable

Embrace you are amazing, which means you embrace you have an Amazing About You!

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