You Have To Love What You Have To Do

Updated: Oct 17

Depression is not a death sentence. It is a reminder that we have fallen off of our path, and we are in need of LOVE. The love we need is not from someone else, and while this can be helpful, NO ONE CAN LOVE US MORE THAN WE LOVE OURSELVES, so the true answer to the questions of depression comes from us.

We have to do what we know we need to do for ourselves. We need it, so we deserve to identify what we need as a must, or a HAVE TO DO. Whatever it is you know you have been knowing you need to start doing more of for you, slide this action into your HAVE TO DO. Be mindful of what you HAVE TO DO, and DO for you. If you are experiencing sadness, or darker sadness.... DEPRESSION, embrace this HAVE TO DO LIST, and assess how long you have you been saying you NEED TO Do things which have yet to be done? Ask yourself this, whenever you are experiencing sadness, darkness, depression, and various levels of anxiety.

The fear of failing can often cause someone to not try. The fear of having everything we want, for many, is what causes them to sabotage. It seems silly to think we could possibly be afraid of success, but survivors of trauma will often have this happen with them. Be mindful of my SELF LOVE RULES and SUBCONSCIOUS SEEDS, for you have to know you, for you are the only you, and this life only belongs to you.

Whoever has hurt you has lied to you- If you were ever made to think and feel you can't be successful in life, by someone who hurt you, intentionally, this belief you carry is a lie. Let it go.