You Can Be Your Addiction

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

You can be your addiction, meaning you can rise above any perceived limitation or hesitation about what you should or should not do with your time, your energy, and with your actions. You can pick and choose what you choose or choose not to do. You have the right to be choosy with what you choose to do or not do.

You are the only one your heart is pumping blood for.

You are the only one seeing with your eyes.

You are the only one who has walked in your footsteps.

You are the only one who carries your physical and emotional weight.

You are the only one who speaks for you and has the thoughts within your brain.

You are the only one your thoughts belong to.


You can be your addiction, meaning you can make every step and move you make about you, knowing you are the one who knows what is or is not right for you. This does not go along with someone who is narcissistic, or anyone who is selfish and never thinks of others. This does not mean that at all. What this means is you have the ability to pull away from anything that does not serve you well, knowing you can pick and choose what you use or refuse to use.

We can think of a substance as a friend who has become, or has always been toxic. Maybe, way back, this friend made you feel good, made you laugh uncontrollably, and was there during your time of need. If we are looking at this relationship as an issue today, however, there is a reason for this shift. Relationships change, and this is no different with our relationship with substances. We know how people can be very intoxicating, and this applies to some more than others. You have the right to step away from codependent relationships, and you have the right step away from a substance that has taken on this same type of role in your life. Think of the money you will save, without having to pay the way of this toxic substance. You have the right to be here, and you have survived everything up to this moment, right here and right now. You also have the right to feel good and thrive here.

Way back when, a substance or drug may have helped you to feel good, within this Hellified Whirlwind we are living in. A drug that once seemed to aid you, or help you get through, may have now brought more trouble than it is worth. I am in no way judging substance use, nor am I saying you should go use some substances. I am here to say

You Can Be Your Own Addiction. You chose to allow this friend in the door, and if the friend is no longer making you feel like a friend, embrace you can chose to refuse it's company. The drug has no life, within your life, once you no longer provide it life.

People Can Be Like Drugs. They can make us experience a serotonin boost, and they have the ability to cause us to have a panic attack. They can make our heart race, bring chills down our spine, and they can cause us to have a heart attack, cause us to lose all of our money, and can bring trauma or an increase of trauma into our lives. Embrace our ability to immediately choose to look down, from a new baseline, anything you are questioning having a place in your life. You have the right to pick and choose, so be very choosy with whatever or whomever you choose to ingest.


You can be your addiction, meaning you can pick and choose who you want to spend your time with, knowing you have the right to pick and choose whose energy works with you or against you. Being your own addiction does not mean you do nothing wrong. Not at all, but it does mean you can decide, within any relationship equation, whether someone is right or wrong for you. If you feel things are not equal, but you want to stay longer, so be it, but it is good to know, deep down, you have the right to have things be equal, and one day, you may not want to stay any longer. You can be your very own addiction, which means you can pick and choose, and you have the right to be choosy.

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