There's A Bear With You

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Charles Mendler, MS, LMHC, CCHt

Bear with me, please

As I bear with you

But when you care to see

There is a bear with you


A bear just waiting there

Next to you

Send him down the hill

And he will bear right through

Any challenge or resistance

You need to face

As we all bear witness

The mix of strength and grace

Making those without a bear

Make you feel bare

and out of place

The thing is...

Those who walk with the bear

Can light up

the entire place

The bearless ones

Like to have their fun

Allowing their envy

To manipulate

The chosen

Bearful ones

You have forgotten about the bear


though it was

a disgrace

The bear was made to hide

When you were left there

bare inside


The Bear took things in stride

Every once in a while

The Bear would sneak in

And Slide......

Down the hill again

Enjoying his fight

For his one true friend


Yes You

Please bear with me

As I bear with you

Are you ready to bear witness to YOU

The Bear With You

He Belongs To You

And He Wants You To Know


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