Facing, Feeling, Loving, and Healing

Updated: Oct 24

As the man walks up to the edge of the mountain top, he remembers how far he had to climb to get to where he is. While knowing he is not done with climbing, he is taking some time to provide himself the acceptable time and space he needs to embrace what he now knows he is able to survive. He has survived everything up to this very moment in his life, and while he has felt very empowered, moving faster than he remembers ever moving, forward and toward his next baseline, he is looking down from his comfortable seat to explore why he felt fear, some panic, consistent hesitation about taking the final steps to reach his desired next goal.

Through experience, he has learned he can assess his feelings, knowing all of this feelings are meant for him to feel more love for himself. He knows he is out of alignment, right here and right now, so he is now putting a focus on his breath, right here and right now. He has learned gravity has always kept him grounded, through all the storms he has ever faced, for he is here. He is present. He is a survivor, and he will survive himself getting in his way, once again. He knows he will learn from the feelings he has been experiencing, which have led to him questioning and questioning once again.