Facing, Feeling, Loving, and Healing

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

As the man walks up to the edge of the mountain top, he remembers how far he had to climb to get to where he is. While knowing he is not done with climbing, he is taking some time to provide himself the acceptable time and space he needs to embrace what he now knows he is able to survive. He has survived everything up to this very moment in his life, and while he has felt very empowered, moving faster than he remembers ever moving, forward and toward his next baseline, he is looking down from his comfortable seat to explore why he felt fear, some panic, consistent hesitation about taking the final steps to reach his desired next goal.

Through experience, he has learned he can assess his feelings, knowing all of this feelings are meant for him to feel more love for himself. He knows he is out of alignment, right here and right now, so he is now putting a focus on his breath, right here and right now. He has learned gravity has always kept him grounded, through all the storms he has ever faced, for he is here. He is present. He is a survivor, and he will survive himself getting in his way, once again. He knows he will learn from the feelings he has been experiencing, which have led to him questioning and questioning once again.

He looks out into the distance, and he selects a place to hyper focus his focus. He is now giving full attention to a focal point he chooses, as he begins putting a focus on how his breath will be released, once he feels his lungs have been fully filled. He then releases what he no longer needs, while putting a hyper focus on his focal point, enabling him to make room for what can feed his soul. Him maintaining control on his breath, right here and right now, enables him to embrace his ability to focus, remain in control, and provide the healing energy within his breath. While knowing there is certainly uncertainty, within and around him, he is certain he is going to allow this time to be about his breath and his hyper focus, based off of his prevention of preventing his good intentions for himself.

He then looks up into his mind's eye, and he says...

All the feelings you feel are for
You want to know when you are out of
This does not mean you have to go into confinement
Even if you have hidden from your feelings before
You cannot hide from you anymore
Once you know your feelings are all meant for

Way back when, this man wouldn't even dare to pretend he did not know what he does know now, as he takes a deep breath in, holds it until he gets that first bit of resistance, and he lets it out. He had to go through what he went through, including him questioning and holding back on showing what he can do, due to him not yet feeling safe with his internal and eternal mantra....


He knows his projections merely mean he must spend some time to realign and face the parts of him which may have been left behind. He assess whether his hesitation is based on a fear of failure, and he answers himself, "no." He asks his inner guide if he is again afraid of how powerful he has become, leading him to feeling he has become too much for others, and he immediately corrects this question, as as he feels this answer within the warmness of his mind's eye. His thoughts respond to the man's meditative breathing, easing up on the tension and intentional exaggeration of this whole situation.

Why must I procrastinate on my ability to manifest and create?

"I have to love every part of me. This includes the part of me which is making me doubt me, right here and right now. I am here on the mountain's edge, leaning in with love over fear, for I am not afraid of facing my fear with love. When I am aligned, I feel things become so easy for me, and while I am not used to things being so easy, I need to get used to it."

The man knows he has fallen a number of times, due to him coming face to face with what he wanted in his life, very quickly, thinking and feeling there had to be something wrong. It was as though he felt he did not deserve having everything he has ever wanted, while feeling a variety of anxious feelings, including guilt, associated with it being so easy for him to have everything he wanted. He is good at what he has always wanted to be good at. He relies on no one to help him take the next steps, and he no longer feels he does not deserve to have what he wants in his life.

He says out loud, "I have proven to myself I deserve this, and I forgive myself for making things harder for me. I also apologize to myself for being the one making things hard for me. I do not have to prove anything to anyone, and while this projection has benefited him back in his previous mazes, he knows it now all about him. "I know I am the only one stopping me now. I have nothing to prove to anyone, but I will not feel satisfied without me continuing on the path I feel as being mine, deep within me."

I already try, but I also try to deny, and whenever I do this, I am hurting myself, which means I am also choosing to lie... to me. Whoever has hurt me has lied to me, and when I hurt myself, hold myself back on opportunities, or even try to talk myself off of my path, I am hurting and lying to me

The man begins engaging in an open eye meditation, and as he looks up into his mind's eye, he sets his hands down on his legs, with his palms facing the sun above him.

"I am aware I see an anchored boat in the distance, as my focal point.

I am aware I see a tree to my left

I am aware I see my path behind me

I am aware I see my hand on my leg"

"I am aware I hear my voice

I am aware I hear silence around me

I am aware I hear my thoughts within me

I am aware I hear my exhale"

"I am aware I feel more relaxed than when I began this exercise

I am aware I feel empowered for facing myself, right here and right now

I am aware my alignment is happening as I feel my exhale

I am aware I feel my focal point is moving, way ahead of me, and that is a good thing"

"I am aware I see my focal point moving even more, and that's okay

I am aware I see my path inviting me back

I am aware I see the CO2 within me, pulling away what is no longer needed within me"

"I am aware I hear peace within my mind

I am aware I hear my exhale taking even more doubt away

I am aware I hear the healing properties of my self love, enter into my lungs"

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