Evolve Through Resistance

Updated: 3 days ago

Thankfully, we will know when we have fallen out of alignment. Whether it was a call from a specific family member, a rude interaction with someone at work, replaying the scenes of a recent blowout with a partner, or one of a countless number reasons why we can find ourselves feeling suddenly less empowered, safe, and free.... We may find we are not saying things that we would normally say, allowing others to control the tempo or content within a conversation.

We may find ourselves waiting to do what we have been so ready to do, for whatever reason, but for whatever the reason ever is, the real reason is YOU

No one can make us not know what we already know about ourselves, with regards to how happy we can be, how confident we can feel, and how comfortable we can feel within our strength within us. We fall out of alignment when we choose to refuse our truth within any situation. These moments can happen for very good reason, but if after making the sacrifice, our conscious and unconscious mind are feeling a way we did not expect, or maybe a way that reminds you of a weaker time.... we have indeed fallen out of alignment.

Here is a possible way to help you embrace you, realign yourself, and accept the necessity of facing you. When I say "facing you," I mean the essential self love skill of "owning your shit."

Within the upcoming rhyme, you will read an often used rhyme of mine... "your thoughts belong to you, wiggle them around, make them honest, and make them true."

This is referencing the importance of being honest about what is or is not your fault. What mistakes may be graded improperly, or having you carry so much guilt... preventing you from ascending to the next level of your development. We all make mistakes, and we learn from our choices. We learn from our successes and miracle moments, but we often learn far more from when we make mistakes. If