Evolve Through Resistance

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Thankfully, we will know when we have fallen out of alignment. Whether it was a call from a specific family member, a rude interaction with someone at work, replaying the scenes of a recent blowout with a partner, or one of a countless number reasons why we can find ourselves feeling suddenly less empowered, safe, and free.... We may find we are not saying things that we would normally say, allowing others to control the tempo or content within a conversation.

We may find ourselves waiting to do what we have been so ready to do, for whatever reason, but for whatever the reason ever is, the real reason is YOU

No one can make us not know what we already know about ourselves, with regards to how happy we can be, how confident we can feel, and how comfortable we can feel within our strength within us. We fall out of alignment when we choose to refuse our truth within any situation. These moments can happen for very good reason, but if after making the sacrifice, our conscious and unconscious mind are feeling a way we did not expect, or maybe a way that reminds you of a weaker time.... we have indeed fallen out of alignment.

Here is a possible way to help you embrace you, realign yourself, and accept the necessity of facing you. When I say "facing you," I mean the essential self love skill of "owning your shit."

Within the upcoming rhyme, you will read an often used rhyme of mine... "your thoughts belong to you, wiggle them around, make them honest, and make them true."

This is referencing the importance of being honest about what is or is not your fault. What mistakes may be graded improperly, or having you carry so much guilt... preventing you from ascending to the next level of your development. We all make mistakes, and we learn from our choices. We learn from our successes and miracle moments, but we often learn far more from when we make mistakes. If someone hyper-focuses on the mistakes, and less on the learning which took place from the mistakes, he or she may inevitably be setting themselves up for another mistake or fall.

When I say, "Face You. Every Part of You. Even the Part Which Makes You Doubt You," I am referencing my self love rule, You Have to Love Every Part of You. When we have fallen out of alignment, we have let one of those parts of us be hidden, or we pushed it away... for now. This can happen when endure a sudden change, a loss, an embarrassment, a trauma, or a perceived situation like the ones I just listed. We can fall out of alignment based off of our own projections, quite often. When I reference the importance of "You Facing You," it simply means you being honest with yourself. We want to take ownership of what we did do, and we want to be honest about what is not our fault. We want to learn from our mistakes, for if we had not made them before now, we could make those mistakes right now. We learn from all of our choices, and when we push away our pain, stemming from a traumatic moment, we are often pushing away the wisdom from that specific moment or time period, back when we simply did the best we could do with what we knew.

Of your thoughts
Your words
They belong to you
Wiggle them around
Make them honest
Make them true

This still means
you will have to face you
Every part of you
Even that part about you
which makes you doubt you

Whenever you feel resistance
Embrace your existence
Evolve Right Through


I know we have not been taught this is the case. When our anxiety manifests into a panic moment, we do not embrace it is often the signs of an awakening within us. Whenever you feel your anxiety increasing at a rapid rate, or so sudden, that you just know everyone can tell you are suddenly uncomfortable, I encourage you to...

Hold your breath.... until you get that first little bit of resistance...
and then you LET IT GO.

Consider counting, as you pull in and hold your breath, knowing you will let the breath release, once the resistance becomes anything for you. You can push your resistance, as you get more familiar with this exercise, but always go into any of my breath work or meditative strategies with LOVE FOR YOU.

This exercise can be done in your home, of course, but because of how subtle it will be to the world around you, you can let go of the fear of others sensing your fear. In fact, we can pull away from it being about you being in fear of anyone or anything. So often, our greatest fear is ourselves and how strong and powerful we can be.

We can consider our increasing anxiety a former version of us.. or a younger version of us.. checking in to make sure we are okay, didn't forget anything, are listening attentiveness, or simply checking to make sure we are okay. YOU ARE OKAY. YOU ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

A suggestion which may help and make sense, right away, but if you need time to let it be fully accepted, you are no different than most.

So much of what I am sharing, with regards to feelings, is foreign to what we are taught in school.... where we would get in trouble for talking too much or asking too many questions.

Where children are told they can't follow directions or are an anger management problem or a conduct problem. So often, kids are labeled as "bad kids" when in reality, they have yet to learn how the love for themselves is more powerful than any love that can ever be given to them, for our love for ourselves connects us with a higher power, source, or God.

Instability within a child, teen, or adult stem from the individual perceiving there is a lack within their lives, their needs are not being met, or their safety is perceivably in danger.

Considering all feelings as being meant for love for you... goes against what we may have learned, with regards to our attachments to others. If someone grew up lacking what is necessary for her or him to feel capable of functioning, he or she say find themselves allowing these emotions to lead them into situations that could potentially enable him or her to feel she is considered more worthy by others.

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