Wherever There Is Resistance, There Is a Chance For Growth and Evolution

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Whenever we get triggered moving forward, there is an opportunity for us to turn back and explore other times and instances in which we felt this why. Why are we feeling this feeling today? Why am I shaking while speaking to a group of team members? Why am I no longer experiencing arousal in the bedroom? Why am I having nightmares again? Why? Why? Why? Why am I now unable to trust my partner? Why am I having issues with driving on the highway? Why am I now unable to eat in public? Why? Why? Why?

All of these questions can be found within you. When we are triggered today, there is an opportunity for you to learn more about you. We are unable to move forward without understanding why we stopped moving. If we find we are unable to move forward, knowing it is what we want for ourselves, we can explore within your unconscious mind. We can assist you with bringing light to your shadow. It is essential you let go of what no longer serves you. Whether it be an addiction to a substance, an addiction to a relationship, or an addiction to negative self talk, addictions keep us from being able to explore and find our true potential within our unconscious. So often, the addictions have served us, at one point, because they kept us away from what we felt was worse at the time. Our memories can scare us, so we may find various ways to keep them in our shadow or further down into our unconscious mind.

You have the right to be here. You have a right to survive here, but you also have the right to thrive here. Survivors are strong. You have the ability to explore the darkness of your past because you are the one carrying the light. You may have forgotten about it, but it is always there, within you. Others are drawn to it, so it is essential to be mindful of those who attempt to control it. Be mindful of those who stray you away from knowing about your light. Your light is there. You have survived all of your memories, so when upsetting ones come to you, do something that helps to soothe your mind, your body, and your soul. You have the ability to do things that strengthen you when in times of weakness. You are far from weak. Survivors are strong. When upsetting memories come to you, be mindful of your breath and put additional focus to it.

You are breathing, so you are living, and you are living because you are a survivor.

Let your breath remind you how you have survived everything you remember about your childhood. You have survived everything you have experienced up to this point. Be okay with soothing yourself today, as a way of showing yourself gratitude for what you have been able to do up to this point. You are essentially having an awakening within you. This is your life and you are not giving up because you know you have the right to be here. You also have the right to survive and thrive here. Let your memories and breath remind you of your abilities and power within you. Think back on that younger you with pride. Be open to thanking the child within you for fighting through what he or she had to fight through.

You have been fighting for survival your whole life, so be willing to let go of being your own resistance. If you feel like you have been fighting the world and yourself at the same time, embrace how you can align with yourself and be your own ally. Nobody will ever love you more than you love you, and the harder your survival was, the deeper your potential for self love. Allow that thought to marinate within you until you know without a doubt how nobody will ever love you more than you love you.

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