Wherever There Is Resistance, There Is a Chance For Growth and Evolution

Updated: Feb 7

Whenever we get triggered moving forward, there is an opportunity for us to turn back and explore other times and instances in which we felt this why. Why are we feeling this feeling today? Why am I shaking while speaking to a group of team members? Why am I no longer experiencing arousal in the bedroom? Why am I having nightmares again? Why? Why? Why? Why am I now unable to trust my partner? Why am I having issues with driving on the highway? Why am I now unable to eat in public? Why? Why? Why?

All of these questions can be found within you. When we are triggered today, there is an opportunity for you to learn more about you. We are unable to move forward without understanding why we stopped moving. If we find we are unable to move forward, knowing it is what we want for ourselves, we can explore within your unconscious mind. We can assist you with bringing light to your shadow. It is essential you let go of what