You have the right to be here

I am not sure what brought you to this page. Maybe you are searching for answers. You are searching for support, or maybe you are searching for someone who understands. I have had my dark days, and I have had to battle depression in my lifetime. It can make you stay in bed too long, call in to work when you need the money, avoid phone calls or text messages, and forget about your daily responsibilities. When dealing with depression, the only time you may feel able to truly show how you feel is when you are alone, and when you are alone, you may find yourself searching for answers.

Suicide Prevention

Lifeline Chat - Suicide Prevention › chat

You are not alone. There is always someone you can talk to, 24/7.

"This is your life

You are not giving up

This is your life

You are not giving up

It is your right

You are not giving up

Because you have

the right to be here"

You do. It is true. You do have the right to be here, and you know this, and this is why you are here. You may have just been searching for a page that matches your feelings, and the specific phrase or statements you used brought here. How long have you been feeling this way? When was the first time you felt feelings of depression or feelings of guilt and shame? If you mind goes back to when you were a child or a teenager, please pay attention, read, and reread what I am going to share with you.

Whoever has hurt you has lied to you.

Who ever made you feel your life is not worth living has lied to you.

As a survivor of abuse, I was taught early that I did not matter. I was taught I did not deserve to feel safe, and I learned early that I did not live in a safe world. We do live in an unsafe world, and you have been a survivor within this unsafe world. You were lied to by the ones who cho