Stay Focused

"I need to stay focused

Right here and right now

I take a deep breath

Because I know how

To keep myself focused

Right here and right now"

This is a rhyme I created to assist a 2nd grader who I observed struggling with staying focused in his classroom. I could tell he was trying, but he was having a very tough time. He shared this simple rhyme helped him immediately. Children, teens, and adults who easily lose focus, often benefit from having additional stimulation to assist them. Practicing mindful breathing and progressive muscle relaxation can be very helpful as well. As long as the desire to engage is there, these strategies can help you. I also find it helpful to devise and utilize self help rhymes, such as the one I have included in this post. All of these can serve as anchors to assist with you getting through what must get done. Improving our attention span can happen with practice, and as long as there is a desire to change, a change can happen for you. If you feel you have lost the desire to improve on something, as yourself why, and if you cannot come up with a reason, give yourself a chance to get back on track. Give yourself permission to accomplish the next thing that needs to be accomplished. Keep fighting for yourself because you are worth fighting for.

"As my mind drifts away to another place and time

I pull myself back right away with my simple rhyme"

We all lose focus, and it is good to take breaks when what we are doing is causing us stress. The key is to have a plan to get back to doing it. If it is someth