I Hate Mornings! Why must I start my new exercise routine at a time I hate?

Whether you want to wake up or do not want to wake up, you have to get up. The alarm has already gone off, and you are staring at your ceiling, anticipating the dreaded end of your snooze. You had such great plans for this morning, before work, and last night you promised yourself that today would be the day. No more excuses. Today is the day. You stare at your phone, and you begin thinking about putting on your shorts and t-shirt, so that you can stretch and begin your run. You remember feeling much more excited about this last night, and you felt so excited, you chose to enjoy watching the next episode of your new favorite series. You begin thinking about how you have to have your cup of coffee first, and because of you going through the snooze cycle twice already, you do not have time to brew a cup. Even if you dropped your fresh brew on some ice, because of how long you have laid here thinking about the need to get up, you no longer have time to even go for your run. Here you go again. Your evening self is going to be disappointed with your morning self again. At this point, the disappointment may be closer to anger. It has happened again, or it has not happened, again. You begin thinking you may never go for your morning run, and after another failed promise to yourself, you no longer trust yourself. You will never lose the weight you want to lose. You will never get back into shape. You will never make any of the positive changes you have promised yourself. You will never....


If I may interrupt you, please. You have already begun the process of making this change in your life. You may question this, but let me explain. Once you decided inside you that you needed to do something different for yourself, you began making a change. You made the decision that you wanted to add something positive to your mourning routine. Maybe you have heard that others run in the morning, and maybe you have heard that this could be the best way for you to start your day, lose the weight you want to lose, get back to who you were, or get closer to who you want to be. A change can feel very strange, and it can cause a mix of both positive and negative feelings within you. Yes, even a thought about making a positive change may cause a mix of emotions. So often, we may overpromise what we plan on doing for ourselves, and we set ourselves up for underdelivering later. Very often, our promises may lead to a fear of failure. It can be common that we set ourselves up for failure by asking ourselves to do something we truly do not want to do The promises are made with a strong desire to do something differently, work towards making a goal, and they exist with an encouraging internal voice saying that now has to be the time, and it must be done right away. The strong and direct promise may need to be overpowering because of how long you have put off doing this for yourself. Your desire for change is strong, but your desire to remain the same is strong too. After having a failed promise, or many, with yourself, it is essential the next agreement is met, so you can start building some positive momentum. Quitting addictions immediately can be very tough, and it can often lead to relapse. This is no different when it comes to the self defeating internal cycle that may be in place within you. We want to replace this negative cycle with a productive and positive one.


Embrace a change has already begun!

The change began when you decided you want to make positive changes within your life, and you then came up with a plan to get things started. The start was when you decided to do it, so even if you did not get up and do what you said you would do, let's not say you did nothing. The change has begun, but let's discuss a way for you to set yourself up for success.


"Take a deep breath

Take one again

Push the negative out

Pull the positive in"

You should want to set yourself up for success. Why punish yourself for having a good intention? If you hate mornings, consider having your big run, major workout, or yoga session later in the day, after work or school. If you insist on starting your change right away, maybe do some stretching right now. Tomorrow can be the day, but today can be as well. Depending on the time right now, you may feel limited, but a good stretch before bed can help you to enjoy a good night's rest. Get your clothes ready for tomorrow, both for work and your exercise. Set your alarm for a time you know you can wake up to, planning for no snooze, and consider a 3-5 minute exercise when you do get out of bad, as you prepare yourself for big things later.

Good Intentions

Should Be Supported

With Proactive Choices


It is time to fight for you and not against you


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