What can cause sleep anxiety?

Far too often, we find ourselves leading up to a deadline. "I have to be asleep by _____ time, or I will not be able to function tomorrow." Sleep anxiety can stem from the anxiety of the day, it can be caused by relationship issues, work stress, or with the current political environment. At this current time, our society is experiencing and fighting through a global pandemic. Most of us have never experienced such a thing. It has caused people to be out of work, be forced to make sudden adjustments, and keep us away from our social connections. Anxiety is an emotion we can all experience at times, and if we have not been able to work through it before bedtime, we will carry it with us into our sleep time.

I encourage you to give yourself permission to schedule an appropriate time for you to be done with work. I know it is hard when you work from home. Having a set schedule can help you to organize the rest of your day. Having this plan in mind will also push you to get other things completed before this time. Regardless of what has been done or what has to wait until tomorrow, you need this rest and sleep time. Listening to music, reading a book, watching a funny video in bed can be a great way to separate your anxiety day to your relaxing night. Having more sleep tonight gives you a better chance at having a more productive tomorrow.

Sleep anxiety can also be caused by our memories associated with past trauma and life events. It is common for our upsetting memories to interrupt our relaxation. This can be worked through within therapy, but for now, remind yourself you are a survivor. You have survived this day, you have survived what happened and brought about these memories, and you deserve to enjoy the comfort of your bed as you allow yourself to reboot your brain, recharge your body, and relax within your soul. Trauma can affect our sleep, for sure, and making sleep a priority is part of battling your trauma. You have survived your past, and you deserve to feel comfortable now, and feel rejuvenated tomorrow. There are many battles you may need to face, and addressing your sleep is a part of fighting back and sticking up for yourself.

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