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My Core Self Love Rules

I also reference these as my "Self Love Subconscious Seeds," for as you read them, you will find how these mantras will work their way deep within you, aiding you with altering the internal dialogue that exists inside your mind, body, and soul.  We often find we are following false teachings and rules of absolutes, leading to our suffering.  This can be faced, and within all of the dark times of your life, you have been the light.  You are the magician within your mind.


No One Can Love You More Than You Love You

No one has ever walked in your footsteps, has carried your weight, or has survived what you have survived.  No one is going through exactly what you are going through.

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You Are Your One Addiction

You can rise above all perceived afflictions.  You can look down, and pick and choose.   You can also refuse, look the other way, and climb up to a new baseline of acceptance for you.

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You Have To Love What You Have To Do

Love what you have to do and get it completed, so you can enjoy your "Love To Do Time." without having to deal with the guilt, regrets, and self doubt caused by not doing what you told yourself you needed to do.

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Whoever Has Hurt You has Lied To you

You may be holding back on yourself, or you may be ignoring a gift you posses, due to the ones who chose to hurt you and lie to you.  If you carry beliefs about you that stem from past abusers, and these beliefs are restricting you, it is time to cut ties to the lies preventing you from being you.

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You Are The One In Control

It does not matter what others do or say.  You are the one in control.  Feel it within your mind, body, and soul.  Your thoughts and choices belong to you.

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You Have To Love Every Part Of you

You have to love every part of you, even the part of you which makes you doubt you.

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It's A Hellified Whirlwind

Be kind to those who have ever caused you pain, and begin setting boundaries with the ones who have.

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Embrace your Amazing

Within every trauma maze you have survived, you obtained a special gift.  These gifts can be used to help you today.

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