Clinical Hypnotherapy 

We have an conscious and an unconscious mind. Within a clinical hypnotherapy session, you will be put into a very relaxed state, which will often include deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and additional safe techniques used to distract the conscious mind.  So much stress and emotional weight is carried by our conscious min, and within our clinical hypnotherapy sessions, we are giving it a break, so that you can explore deeper into your unconscious mind.  Clinical Hypnotherapy is safe, and these sessions can happen in my office, through video, or over the phone.  If you are away from my office, you will just be asked to be in a safe and comfortable place.  Clinical Hypnotherapy has been benefits, and my clients who have expired my hypnotherapy sessions have expressed they have felt very relaxed after our sessions, and they have often shared these sessions have helped them to feel more confident, less stressed about their lives, and more able to cope with the thoughts about the traumas they have survived.  Clinical Hypnotherapy can help to improve control over addictions, which can include substances, over eating, and any other form of negative self talk and self destructive behavior.  Our unconscious mind is eager to help us, and once you give yourself the time and space in your life for it, you will understand more about what I am saying.  You have a light within you, and if you do not believe this statement, I will help you to explore your perceived darkness with your light.  We have survived every single one of our memories, but we often block specific events in our life that we do not want to remember, see, or deal with.  Within Clinical Hypnotherapy, we will bring light to the darkness, ease the energy associated with these memories, and we will bring back whatever you may have left back then. When we block any trauma we have endured, we are also blocking something that can help us to feel empowered and powerful today.  You will never feel pressured to do hypnosis, but you will be happy you tried it.   

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