Yoga Practice

You are your one addiction

You can rise above any thought and behavioral pattern which no longer serves you. It takes strength to carry on with life with an addiction, but it is a mismanagement of that strength.  We can work to empower you over all perceived addictions and afflictions.


NO one can love you more than you love you

All addictions are keeping us from showing more authentic love to ourselves.  You have loved yourself enough to be here, but maybe most of your love for you is tough love.  You are your biggest critic, so you must be your number one supporter.

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You Are your one Addiction

This means you can rise above all perceived afflictions. You can look down, pick and choose...

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You have to love what you have to do

Breaking free or gaining control of a perceived addiction will involve you prioritizing more of you, self care, and your plan for what is next and best for you. 

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Whoever has ever you has lied to you

Addictions can often stem from the survivor of trauma not wanting to face his or her perceived darkness.  You carry the light to all of your dark times, and you have survived all of them. We can go deeper into you..

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You Are the one in control

Regardless of what others do or say, you are the one in control today.

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You have to love every part of you

We have to love every part, and this includes whatever parts of you which make you doubt you.  That part may be the addiction, but it may also be the part you are keeping away.  The addiction is preventing you from being the real and authentic you.

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Hellified Whirlwind

We must show kindness to the ones who have never caused us pain, as we set better boundaries with the ones who have

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Embrace your amazing

This current situation can be seen as a maze, which is how I perceive all traumas.  You will become the master of this current maze, as you embrace the amazing gifts within you, stemming from...

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