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Take Care, Caregiver

You have the right to take a break from all the stress you are carrying. You are choosing to give from within, within this Hellified Whirlwind we are living in.  You deserve to take some time for you.  

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Not everyone cares, but you do, so be sure to put a lot more care into you too!!

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My Self Love Rules

Within this section, I will be relating my self love rules to all caregivers.


No one can love you more than you love you

Not everyone cares as much as you do, so be sure to put even more care into you too. 

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You are your one addiction

Be addicted to your own self care during a time in which you have to care so much for someone else.  

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You have to love what you have to do

You are asked to do a lot, and whether you love or hate do to these things, we can love having these completed, so we can get to our things we love to do.  You have the right to take a break, and it is easier when the Have To's are done. 

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Whoever has hurt you has lied to you

So often, we carry false beliefs stemming from poor treatment.  We can be lied to with words, but we can also be lied to with actions or inaction. 

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You Are the one in control

There may be many things happening which are out of your control, so it is good to embrace what you can control.  

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You have to love every part of you

We have to love every part about us, event the part that brings doubt to us.  

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Hellified Whirlwind

We must do our best to be kind to those we have never met, as we set better boundaries with the ones who have.

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Embrace your amazing

You may feel you are within a maze right now, and this may not be the first maze you have had to face.  You are amazing for facing this challenge, and within this time in your life, there are new abilities you will learn.

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