My Philosophy For Helping Others

Charles Mendler, MS, LMHC, CCHt

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I will do my best to offer you a safe space within each of our sessions.  We have been affected by our experiences, for better or for worse, and my job is to assist you with embracing your strength as you have survived each and every one of your experiences.  I do not feel we should ever minimize what we have had to overcome within our life story, as we can learn to tap into what was needed to survive what we have survived.  If you have ever felt confident, you can feel confident now.  If you have ever felt excited about your life, you can feel that way now.  If you have ever felt a strong desire to overcome what you were going through, you can absolutely feel that way now.  You are here for a reason. You will always know this is a safe space.   While I am very encouraging and positive, I am not an enabler or a cheerleader.  I am very direct with my approach, and this is not the right style for everyone, but I assure you I am always coming from a place with good intention.  We carry so many distortions based on what others have taught us, whether it be from what has been said or what has been done.  I will help you to chip away at all the false teachings passed on to you because whoever has hurt you has lied to you.